To change the registered agent for an existing Delaware Limited Partnership (LP), the State of Delaware in the past has charged a filing fee of $200 to file the Certificate of “Change of Registered Agent and Registered Office”. This made changing registered agents for an LP almost cost prohibited.

The state has now lowered their $200 filing fee to $50.  We at Harvard Business Services are now happy to offer the same cost to change registered agents for an LP as that of an LLC or a Corporation.  We will prepare and file this form for our exact cost of $50, plus we’ll give you your first year’s agent fee for only $39.  The total cost to change agent is ONLY $89 per corporation, LLC, or LP.

Thereafter, your annual agent fee will be only $50 per company; just think of the money you’ll save!  If you have delayed in changing the registered agent for your LP, now is the time.   For additional savings, above and beyond the $50/year, we also offer 2 years for $90 or 3 years for $125.

Recently, I wrote a blog entitled, “How Much You Are Paying For Registered Agent Service? It spoke about how some companies overcharge their clients for registered agent service.  It explained how other companies bait you in with one price, and then raise the annual fee on you each year.  It explained how Harvard Business Service’s $50 registered agent fee is guaranteed for the life of the company, and how one would go about changing their registered agent to Harvard.  For a list of our competitors, and their prices, please read this blog article.

To watch our video on the steps to changing registered agents, please click HERE.


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