open for businessHave you ever thought about starting a business in the U.S. but are not sure if it’s possible, complicated, or easy? Setting up a U.S. company is actually not very complicated or expensive, you just have to follow some easy steps and understand a few basic concepts. Often clients think they need an attorney to explain this to them, but in reality they are charging you hundreds of dollars per hour. Instead you could take this online course to learn the same information.

Offered through Udemy.com, the course is 90 minutes long, can be completed at your leisure, and contains the following information:

  • A hands-on approach on the best legal practices
  • A step-by-step guide to create your company in a few hours
  • How to form a U.S. company on a budget
  • 37 lectures with videos, instructions, quizzes, and checklists
  • Templates for all the necessary legal documents

So if you don’t live in the U.S. but want to learn how to set up your own U.S. company, this great course will teach you just that without ever having to travel to the U.S. This special set of lectures have been specifically prepared for foreign entrepreneurs.

By the end of the course you will learn the following:

  • The right type of business entity for you
  • When and in which state to set up your company
  • How many shares to authorize, and their initial par value
  • How to use a 3rd-party business service to do most of the necessary paperwork for you
  • How to conduct the organizational meeting
  • How to manage your company and do a basic tax declaration and franchise tax payment
  • How to avoid common legal pitfalls inexperienced entrepreneurs fall into
  • How to do all of the above if you are not a U.S. citizen and don’t live in the U.S.

The course is currently offering a special Harvard Business Services discount of 50 percent off, making the overall cost $98. (Follow this link for the reduced price.) Once you’ve finished the course, you can go to our easy-to-use online order form and have your company set up in just a few minutes!


mail_stackWe are continuing to add more features to our website in order to make things easier for our clients. Many of our clients have asked us to create an online order form to renew and sign up for our Delaware mail forwarding service and to offer more mail services, so we listened.

We are pleased to announce that you can now go directly to our mail forwarding page and sign up for one of our services!

We have more than 1,000 clients that have signed up for this unique service with us. Here are some of the many benefits that they enjoy:

Weekly Forwards
All incoming business mail is collected, placed into a single envelope, and forwarded the same day, next business day, or at the end of the business week, depending on the service you select.

Scan-to-Email Forwarding
We offer you the option to have your mail scanned and emailed to you, rather than physically mailing it to you.

Postage Included
With the exception of the Courier Mail Forwarding Service, reasonable postage is included for the forwarding of business letter mail.

Junk Mail Removal
We remove and destroy all junk mail received, saving you time and money.

Unlimited Address Updates
If your address changes at any time, you may update it with us at no additional charge.

Incoming Couriers Are Accepted
Unlike most mail forwarding services, we accept and sign for any letters received by courier services such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

No Lengthy Forms
There is no requirement for you to fill out lengthy forms.

Travel Without Worry
When you travel, you may provide us with a temporary address to forward your incoming mail. You can specify the date you need the address to be reversed, and we will perform this seamlessly.

Flexible Options
We offer affordable and flexible options to meet your needs based on your incoming mail.

Please note that signing up for our mail forwarding services does not permit you to use our address on any U.S. IRS forms, license or RFP applications, or to list it as your physical business address. However, you may use our address on your letterhead, business cards, website (as long as it is listed as a mailing address), invoices, and as a return address if you subscribe to our service.

Lastly, please note that you cannot sign up for our mail forwarding service unless you are a current client of Harvard Business Services.

So if you are up to your ears in mail, travel a lot, don’t have a physical mailing address, or just don’t have time to go through and throw out all the junk mail you receive, let us take care of your mail and be assured that it will be delivered to anywhere in the world that you specify. To sign up, simply Google “Harvard Business Services mail forwarding” and click on the top result!

Harvard’s New Sign

stockYou’ve set up your new Delaware corporation, obtained the Federal EIN, opened the bank account, elected the Board of Directors and appointed the officers—what’s next? Often, the most exciting time for a new Delaware corporation is when the day comes for issuing stock certificates. Whether you’re looking to raise capital, go public, or want to bring aboard investors, traditionally ownership of the corporation is shown through issued shares of stock.

When you file your Delaware corporation with Harvard Business Services, we can provide the tools necessary to help with the issuance of shares. Included in our Standard and Premium packages is the Deluxe Corporate Kit. The Corporate Kit includes customized stock certificates, the stock transfer ledger, and the handheld corporate seal.

Each stock certificate is individually numbered and includes a space for the number of shares, the name of the new shareholder, the signature line for the president and corporate secretary authorizing the shares, as well as the designated area to place the corporate seal. This information can be handwritten, or input as a PDF, then printed directly on the stock certificate.

The stock transfer ledger will help with the documentation of the transaction, including the name of the shareholder, the address, the time and date of the sale, the certificate number, the number of shares issued, the issuer of the shares, and the amount paid. Keeping up-to-date records on both the issued shares and the shareholders is invaluable when it’s time to file the annual report for the Delaware franchise tax. It can also help settle any disagreements, should any disputes arise in the future.

The handheld corporate seal, which is the official signature of the corporation, includes the company name, the year, and the state of Delaware. Harvard Business Services now also includes a digital corporate seal for all our clients as an alternative, which is a point-and-click version of the traditional handheld style, allowing for it to be on multiple computers in different locations.

If you have questions about setting up your new Delaware corporation, contact any of our friendly customer service representatives today via phone (1-800-345-2677), email, or live chat.

How to Use a Stock Transfer Ledger
Blank Check Preferred Stock 101
History Lesson: The General Corporation
1st Quarter Franchise Tax Notice
Pay Your Delaware Corporation Franchise Tax NOW

lawyerWe’ve formed and filed Delaware LLCs and corporations since 1981, but we’re always interested to learn how other experts approach our industry. Some business owners, for example, choose to consult an attorney or accountant before incorporating a company. Curious to know what these experts typically advise, we asked several accountants and attorneys the question, “When would you recommend that your client use a Delaware corporation or LLC instead of their home state?” Here are some of the answers we received:

“Delaware LLCs offer legal advantages that other states don’t. If the entity is multinational, we do recommend Delaware as the state of formation over others (like CA or NY which are popular but impose minimum taxes even if there’s no activity or even losses).”
Belfint, Lyons & Shuman, P.A., http://www.belfint.com/

“We tend to recommend a Delaware incorporation when minority interest can cause management issues for owner managers as Delaware has some of the best law on takeovers.”
David Banerjee, CPA,

“We generally recommend Delaware if the person has an online company or a company with no brick and mortar office/store in their home state. Having what the IRS refers to as ‘permanent establishment’ in a state will likely make you taxable in that state, so setting up a Delaware company has a minimal effect on the taxes. However, if the company is online, Delaware being a no tax jurisdiction can essentially prevent personal income tax owed. We also recommend Nevada and Wyoming for this strategy, however Delaware has the most case law which would be of help in outlining precedent if there was eventual litigation.”
Vincenzo Villamena, CPA, Online Taxman,

“…If [a] client anticipates a need for a speedy judicial process. Delaware courts are corporate-friendly and have a well-developed body of corporate case law.”
Chris Wojcicki, attorney and CPA

“Incorporating in Delaware makes sense if the client will be seeking venture capital from larger [venture capital] firms who require DE organization, or, perhaps too, if the client has extreme dramatic growth trajectory that is known in advance of entity formation (not mere projections).”
Barry Wormser, attorney, www.wormserlegal.com

Lawyers typically choose Delaware entities for a number of reasons. The first reason is that Delaware has a rich and well developed body of law with respect to business entities. Accordingly, if, during the life of the entity, an issue pops-up, it is more likely that you will find guidance in Delaware on how to handle the issue. Second, it provides a great compromise for people from different jurisdictions forming a company together. It is perceived as a “neutral” jurisdiction in many circumstances. Finally, if the company’s plan is to go public within 5 years or so, it is my understanding that most venture capital and other investors prefer to work with a Delaware corporation as a vehicle for investment or public offering.” —Kurt E. Anderson, Esq., http://www.ghclaw.com

This information is not be construed as legal or accounting advice. If you have more questions and how they apply to your business, please feel free to reach out to any of the listed experts for more information.

If you’re ready to form and file your Delaware corporation or LLC, please visit our easy-to-use online order form, or contact us by phone (800-345-2677), email, or live chat.


sign hereA lot of times, business transactions are done by smartphone while on the go.  Many clients know already that Delaware will accept faxed, and emailed copies of documents that require signatures.  This saves you the time of having to put a document in the mail, and wait for the state to receive it.  They did this many years ago to save time and often clients can appreciate this.  The problem is what do you do if you are on the go and have to sign and send a document. You may not have access to a computer, printer, or fax machine.  Solution:  the conformed signature.  The state of Delaware does accept the conformed signature.

The conformed signature will look like this:  /s/ John Doe.  Just type /s/ before your name on the signature line, and it will be acceptable by Harvard Business Services, Inc. as well as the secretary of state of Delaware.  This will help to save clients time, by avoiding the need to print out a document, sign, and still have to fax back.  Clients save time by using the conformed signature from their smartphone while on the go.  Most smartphones will allow you to check your email, open the attached document, and type in your conformed signature in seconds.  That way you can send that document back to the appropriate party, without having to print it out.

Services that often require a signature such as name amendments, stock amendments, etc. can now be initiated more efficiently using this conformed signature.  There are other states that accept the conformed signature as well for certain services. Please call 1-800-345-2677 option 2, to find out if the service you require qualifies for the conformed signature.  Keep in mind that the IRS does not accept the conformed signature, so all SS4 forms and tax returns will still need to be printed, signed, and sent in.


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